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Sachzna Laparan Scandal Part 2 Viral Video “Sachzna Laparan Walang Bra”

The 20-year-old beauty rise to instant online fame thanks to her viral Dubsmash and videos. Her recipe for attracting so many followers are her beautiful face, sexy figure and down to earth wacky personality.

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About Pinay Teen Model Sachzna Laparan Scandal

Model and social media celebrity from Manila who has become extremely popular on Facebook, where she currently has over 1.4 million followers. In addition to Facebook, she is very popular on TikTok, where she has a crown, a Top Talent badge and more than 170,000 fans. While her Instagram account has a staggering amount of 300k+ followers. She is also a brand ambassador for A-Plus All Weather Paint.

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Moreover, Sachzna Laparan is also making a name for herself internationally. This pretty Pinay model also has a huge fan base in Malaysia and considerably popular in South Korea. She already worked with other social media celebrities such as Donnalyn Bartolome, Janica Nam Floresca, and Rojean Delos Reyes.

Sachzna Laparan Nipple Slip Quick Facts

NAME: Sachzna Laparan
NICKNAME: Sachzna “Sashna”

Birthday: May 27
Birthstone: Emerald
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

OCCUPATION: A-Plus Paint babe, Brand Ambassadress, Endorser, Sachzna Laparan nude Print Ad Model
TALENTS: Singing, Acting and Dancing
MOTTO: “The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice.”

LIKES: I like jokes and cute stuff, especially tidy surroundings… I like honest, loving, loyal and people with good sense of humor.
DISLIKES: Bad odor, bad breath, boastful, irritable people, and Sachzna Laparan nude scandal…

REGRETS: I have no regrets in life, it’s just a lesson and everything has a reason. Proably it also include the issue about Sachzna Laparan scandal.
FRUSTRATIONS: Someone talking behind my back, insecure people who create Sachzna Laparan scandal.

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