Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full

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Korean Girl Serena Jung Nude Pictures Complete Set

Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full

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Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full


Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung Naked Pictures And Videos Full

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Serena Jung Korean Girl Nude Video Part 1

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Korean Nude Model Serena Jung Naked During Snow Part 2

Serena Jung Topless On The Pool And Big Ass Shake Video Part 3

Serena Jung Nude Amateur Korean Girl Nipple Pokies Dancing Part 4

Korean Girl Boobs Striptease And Serena Jung Ass Twerking Part 5

Korean Girl Nude Serena Jung Videos Recap

Just a quick recap of Serena Jung nude videos above. In the first video, you will see Serena Jung teasing fully naked while in the snow. Yep that’s some full frontal action while braving the freezing temperature. By the way, in case you missed, there’s an actual full frontal Serena Jung nude picture above.  Moreover, in the second video, Serena Jung is once again naked in the middle of the street while snowing. She keeps on flaunting her nude body in the snow as if she’s trying to melt all the snow around her. Too bad only guys get a boner and not applicable for a snow.

In the third Serena Jung nude video, you’ll see her topless at the side of a pool and shake that damn soft, big ass. Better watch it because it’s very rare to see a beautiful Korean girl with natural big ass. It must have something to do with her western diet don’t you think? As for the fourth Serena Jung nipple pokies video, you will see her doing some sexy dance while flaunting her hot cleavage and pointy nipples.

In the last video, watch Serena Jung ass twerking while facing a mirror. She’s only wearing a pantie and a thin sleeveless shirt that may give away for her perky nipple pokies. After seeing all from this Korean girl nude model Serena Jung, we can finally conclude that the guy who will fuck her majestic ass and big boobs is truly a winner. The wins from this Asian angel are rare. Of course we still like to see a Serena Jung sex video where she gives blowjob, get POV facial cum and finish with a creampie.

Korean Girl Nude Model Serena Jung

Korean Girl Serena Jung Nude Videos Recap


Serena Jung was born in Seoul, Korea, on 19th January 1991. Her full Korean name is Jung YeonHyeong and she was raised in Seoul. Serena Jung is currently living in New York where she pursues a modelling career.

Although we know that Serena Jung is a Korean-American, there is no information about her parents. Judging from her physical appearance, she’s a pure South Korean and not an Asian American mix.

Serena Jung is famous for her light skin and slim frame like most Korean females but her amazing curves and chocolatey-tanned skin stand her out. She flaunts her natural big boobs and ass without hesitation during photo shoots and bikini modelling. Luckily, Serena Jung nude pictures are now available online for those who wants to masturbate on her.

This sexy Korean girl nude model has been featured on Maxim magazine and Dsquared2 underwear. Although most of Serena Jung nude pictures are from independent photo shoots. You can enjoy more hot photos from this Korean nude model by checking her instagram @iam.serenas.

Unlike many Korean girls, Serena Jung definitely loves lying in the sun so as to get a perfect tan on her skin. Moreover, she does not mind bulking some serious meat especially on her ass. This is quite rare since a lot of Korean girls look anorexic because their concept of sexy is by showing too much bones.

The net worth of the Korean-American is roughly summed up to about $3 million. This seems believable when one considers her vast popularity on social media and her increasing modeling gigs. But then, it is only a rough estimate and does not represent the true value of her wealth.

Basic Facts About Korean Girl Serena Jung

Real Name: Jung YeonHyeong

Date of Birth: January 19, 1991

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Birthplace: Seoul, Korea

Profession: Model

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Residing City: New York

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Food, hanging out with friends

Famous Nickname: Korean Nicki Minaj

Best thing about this Korean girl is that she’s embracing her natural beauty. Furthermore, she’s a receiver of natural big boobs and anal worthy ass. Serena Jung is being called as the Korean Nicki Minaj not because she can rap like her but because of her boinking ass. Thank God she moved to the US, she never felt the need to get plastic surgery for her pretty face.

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More Information About Serena Jung Korean Nude Model

Maxim cover model who began to go viral on Instagram around October of 2016. Her iam.serena account featured model portfolio pictures as well as photos from her daily life, earning over 150,000 followers.

She modeled for Maxim Korea in their October 2015 issue.

Her Family is an immigrant and currently living in New York.

Serena Jung and Cherise Sandra In are both Korean-American models.

She has been featured on popular Korean websites like Koreanboo.

However, Korean-American Maxim model Serena Jung has been breaking the mold, earning a massive following in Korea with her sun-kissed skin and voluptuous body. Gaining attention for her beauty that matches more of a western style rather than Korean style. Serena Jung could be paving the way for a new generation of models in Korea.

As far as we know, Serena Jung is free from plastic surgery or any cosmetic alterations. It means the big boobs and juicy ass of this Korean girl nude model is all natural.

Serena Jung is a successful model despite Defying the extremely strict beauty standards for women in Korea; which light skin and a thin frame among the most desirable traits.

Aside from being blessed with overwhelming sex wares, she appears to have a kinky personality too. Who does not want a naughty Asian angel with big boobs and an ass you wouldn’t hesitate to anal fuck?

I am sure there are a lot more Serena Jung nude pictures somewhere. It may be private amateur naked photos for a boyfriend or more professional nude modelling.